Logo Design

Your logo is the keystone of your branding. Whether it is text, a graphic or both —  its color, design and use defines your business. Popular options for logo design are listed here, but remember — anything’s possible


Light Logo

  • One logo design
  • One round of changes (if desired) before approval
  • Further changes or additional design options are always available on a per-item charge.


Classic Logo

  • Three logo design options
  • One round of changes (to all three sample logos, if desired)
  • Selection of one design
  • Minor changes to the final design (if desired)
  • Further changes or additional design options are always available on a per-item charge.



Susanna’s branding guide outlines your logo’s use for print and web. This includes size guides, background colors, photo usage, designated fonts for accompanying text and more in PDF or comparable file format. Ready to hand off to third-party production teams, this ensures your logo is always used exactly as you’ve approved it.

Add a Little Oomph

These features add flexibility and convenience to your logo design.


Height & Width

If your logo includes a text name or slogan, it’s a good idea to have horizontal and vertical logo variations. These help the words to be readable wherever your logo is used.


Light & Dark

Ask Susanna to make a lighter or darker version of your full-color logo if it will be displayed against a wide range of colors. It’s an easy way for your logo to keep its visual “punch” — no matter what its background is.


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Susanna’s logos are designed with smooth production in mind.
Each logo includes a convenient set of color versions.




Classic full color — RGB for web use, CMYK for print


Best for black-and-white printing (as opposed to photocopying) on a press or office printer



Great for T-shirt screen printing, photocopying and other one-color use



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