Website Design

Do you have a website? Is it outdated? Quality web design plays a critical role in reaching your fans or customers.

Your brand needs to be found online for contact information and descriptions of what it offers. You can showcase your current content and advertise upcoming events to your target audience.

Susanna’s web design focuses primarily on sites for small businesses and brands. Each website is clean and straightforward with these three key features:


an attractive
user interface

how it looks

smart navigation

how it flows

reliable functions

how it works

More Web Design Features
  • Custom graphics as needed and help with photo choices
  • Wording tweaks to provide a consistent tone
  • Custom content creation available
  • Smart organization to help users find answers
  • Help with domain name choice/s and registration
  • Set up for your web hosting
  • Foundational SEO: keyword research and incorporation
  • Additional web services available by request


E-mail Susanna or call her at (615) 856-3622 to get started.

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Search Engine Optimization


Image source: Google Analytics

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an over-all streamlining of your site’s content and performance to focus on how you best meet the needs of end-users from Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Keywords are the phrases that customers type in online searches. Essentially, your keywords define your business to customers; but many websites use the same keywords. How can you rank higher than your competitors?

Search engines’ rankings are based on many different aspects of your site — such as its relevance to the user’s intention, its authority in your field, its ease of navigation, and its speed.

Most importantly, your content should be unique from other sites’ and relevant to your user. Whether editorials, tutorials, images or videos, this makes your content valuable and worthy of ranking well.

Tracking your site’s analytics is essential to defining areas of current and potential growth.  These include social media shares, likes, and tweets. Interpreting your data and defining goals for it are key factors in using your online presence to the maximum.

Do you have several online competitors? Ask Susanna for in-depth, continuous SEO to maximize your website.


Social Media
Social Media design - Susanna Haynes

Social media is a crucial aspect to online engagement with your users. It can be leveraged to woo customers or cultivate an online fan base. Of the many platforms available, which ones are best to connect with your target customers?

Susanna can help you select the social media options that best reach your market. She can also set up your profiles with profile graphics and initial posts. Together you can map out a marketing plan and corresponding graphics and photos for your brand’s social engagement

As another option, Susanna can schedule posts in advance for regular engagment or to focus on sales and other promotional events.


Online Advertising

Banners and other online ads are often used for advertising in e-mail newsletters and on third-party websites, such as professional associations’ or industry news websites.  These ads should be customized to tie into your branding.  Call (615) 856-3622 or e-mail Susanna to get started. These ads are usually designed quickly and are often ready within a working day.